Next Generation Rapid Inspection Systems

Rapid Profile Projector

The Dynascan Rapid Profile Projectors is an instant Image Measurement System of the next generation. Measurements taking 10 minutes on conventional Profile Projectors are done in seconds. Thousands of measured points (as against 10 to 20 points on Profile Projectors) are taken instantly, facilitating automatic, non-contact, rapid measurements, upto 1 micron resolution. Results are operator independent, ensuring consistency, irrespective of the user’s skill level. Drawings, Tolerancing of parts and Pass/Fail reports are generated in various formats. A stitch function is available for parts larger than the Field of View of the lens.

RPP 400H


  • Heavy duty steel Workstage
  • Horizontal light path
  • 20X or 4 Stage Zoom Lens upto 100X magnification
  • Instant capture of multiple points
  • Multiple parts Profile & Surface Lighting
  • Motorized or CNC
  • Mounting arrangement for fixtures

RPP V300


  • Vertical light path & Granite base
  • Slots for centres or fixtures
  • 20x Magnification or 4 Stage Zoom Lens upto 100x
  • Profile and Surface Lighting
  • Instant capture of multiple points
  • Multiple parts, Stitch function
  • Manual, Motorized or CNC
  • Drawings, Tolerancing and Pass/Fail Reports in various formats
  • Suitable for small, light, precision parts