Next Generation Rapid Inspection Systems

About Us

Established in the year 1984, Dynascan Inspection Systems Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Rapid Profile Projectors, Video Measuring Systems, Video Projectors and Inspection Systems. Our product design is unique, and we use the best available input products and manufacturing techniques to achieve high quality products. We also design and offer custom built products for our clients.

Our products are sold across Europe, Asia-pacific, India, Australia, UAE and South Africa. The quality proven range offered by us is widely accepted among companies like Bosch, Honda, Siemens, Suzuki, Philips, GE, Ford, etc., as well as one of the leading Formula 1 World Champion Teams.

Video Measuring Machines

The intelligent video measuring machine is an advanced rapid inspection system with instant image grab software. It is user friendly, comes with a touch screen, touch probe and high accuracy. The machine itself is 3-axis motorized, compact, rigid and comes with a granite base. It comes with cameras from Germany, software from Metlogix, High accuracy Swiss guideways from Schneeberger.

Rapid Profile Projector

The Dynascan Rapid Profile Projectors is an instant Image Measurement System of the next generation. Measurements taking 10 minutes on conventional Profile Projectors are done in seconds. Thousands of measured points (as against 10 to 20 points on Profile Projectors) are taken instantly, facilitating automatic, non-contact, rapid measurements, upto 1 micron resolution. Results are operator independent, ensuring consistency, irrespective of the user’s skill level. Drawings, Tolerancing of parts and Pass/Fail reports are generated in various formats. A stitch function is available for parts larger than the Field of View of the lens.

Smart Scan

The DYNASCAN SmartScan Turbo is a revolutionary, non-contact Rapid Inspection System. The space saving, ergonomic, cutting edge design with a precision Bi -Telecentric Lens, high resolution CMOS Camera and advanced Metrology Vision Software, captures and presents parts under inspection as drawings with dimensions, tolerances and a colour coded Pass/ Fail Reports. This results in fast, easy, accurate, automatic inspection and measurement of parts.

Profile Projectors

Dynascan Profile Projectors come in horizontal and vertical path table top models. Advanced Digital Read Out for measurements of X, Y, Angles, Lines, Distances, Circles, Skew as standard. Suitable for small, light components like plastic or watch parts, blankings and so on. Options include a Geometric Data Processor or full fledged Computer System with Edge Detector, for data capture, reverse engineering, generation of drawings by tracing, tolerancing and SPC.